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Saturday, July 30, 2005

new blogger address.,..everybody listen up!

okay guys ..sooo here's the breaking news of the day or night if u're in california los angeles new york...wherever..i've changed over to msn spaces ..so from now on id be doing all the posting there..so ya STICK AROUND
till the mean time my new url is
sorry for the inconvenience..

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

and the cold doesn't go away

okay so i had this really nasty cold five days baack and called up a doctor friend of mine to ask what medication to take and he was like paracetamol 3 times a day cetrizine :once a day ,before you sleep ..and i was like aaarghh....im not taking so many medicines.PERIOD. but then obviously considering the dire straits condition i was in i decided to give it a try for a few days or the time till my nose stopped running and i didn't feel the aching pain in my templess and legs..so after two days when all those horrible symptoms associated with the cold stopped i stopped taking the medicines but before i could say"vIOLA"! man, im cured! im again down with the running nose.. the itch in the throat ..the blah blah
okay did i tell you i finally bought that new album by juggy d it has all the latest songs by him,"akheer" being my favourite though i cudn't quite get what it means its still got one of the most beautiful sufi sounds ever heard..have to rush to kaplan now
till i catch you next
keep pedaling:)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

whew!..im back and so much has happened since

okay first things first big apologies due to all those reading my blog for such a long long absence have been quite busy with things since exams got over and vacations started and as you can guess there's so much to talk about my fingers are literally flying on the keyboard ..
now what were those things that kept me away so long?
well firstly congratulations are in order my sister just got married amd yes i mean my real sister to her not so gr8 looking one yr(i think..) BF so right after practicals got over i was shopping like mad for the engagement and right after engagement got over i was packing like mad to go to this trekking expedition that gets organised once a year ...so things have been pretty crazy since and had i a laptop with me during the trek i would have recorded every one of the truly crazy things i lived through..came back earlier than planned started shopping for the marriage things got out of control left for hyderabad in a week for my industrial training stayed for two weeks had the most swell time of my life ..watched movies at iMAX saw all those historical monuments and had coconut water every evenings,..pure bliss!
okay so now that im back im planning to join coaching for my GRE exam just checked out the centre today and lets see.. looks like a pretty good place to meet some hot hunks;-)..
till i catch ya next keep the faith

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

studying is not as bad as it seems

what with my annual practicals going i really don't have much of a choice but then again in all this crap i think that is the only thing that still lends some meaning to things..honestly i wouldn't mind studying all my life at least as much as i can ..organic practical up next and i have to say thats one tough nut to crack but i'm game..!:)
till i catch you next
(holiday,vacation..what's that!?)

Sunday, May 08, 2005

notting hill

make believin' we're together that im sheltered in your heart ...
but in and outside i turn to water ...like a teardrop in your palm...
why is finding true love so hard ..no i mean seriously i am still of the old school of thought ..idealist romantic dreamer but then seriously what is it that im looking for...never made sense to me how people could hook up so easily...i mean i always knew if a guy was not right for me the first time i talked to him..or maybe i don't ..i think i do ,..but still i believe in the pit of your stomach one always knows when someone is made for you and well, when someone is not quite made for you...saw 'notting hill' tonite and its been ages since i met and saw some really genuine guys..no hangups ,no complexes ...and well someone you would love spending your entire day with ..who takes you out for ice cream at night ,cooks lunch for you and generally makes you have a good time ..someone you can just depend on rock solid strong..there for you rain or outpour ..and well someone you can share all your jokes with .,.laugh like you just ate a big fat elephant..and well someone who loves you for you and not how rich you are or how much money you have...do such people still exist ...maybe thats why falling in love is so hard
the touch of your hand tells me u'll catch me whenever i fall...
you say it best when you say nothing at all..
oh by the way i think ive got a new crush..blame it on the bad boy 'hugh grant' looks

Friday, May 06, 2005

physical pharmacy

think ive never studied for a viva as hard as i did for this one..got spreading coefficient and kinetics 1 for the experiments and had a real problem with the readings but it worked out fine in the end ..also for a change felt pretty confident in the viva ..apart from one or two, could answer almost all the questions asked..
came back home had south indian for dinner and checked out 'lucky'..rather liked it salman's always a favourite but even the movie is well made ..great songs (favourite being the adnan sami number..shayad yahi to pyar hai )..great landscapes ..the girl looks her part too of being an innocent schoolgirl n all....

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

second annual practical

had my microbiology practical exam today reached fifteen (...well almost )minutes late and well the synopsis was quite okay as in only one question was asked and i think i did well ...thereafter had my practical exam ,got the gram staining of m/o and i identified mine as coccus ..gram positive the examiner was pretty cute..and the second experiment was agar slant demonstration ..thereafter the viva was a real drag mostly thanks to my turn coming so late ..had to wait for almost two hours or more n in between bouts of hunger(..special mention to 'king khan' who got me 'kurkure' :) anxiety..frantic scurrying around for the questions asked by the external to whoever came out of the 'green room'(!) i think i did okay in the end...oh by the way its ages since i read a book
music playing in my head..where are you ..when i was hurt and helpless.........